About me – us

Hi, my name is Tom A. Ellis, I am ex broker who worked in Leman Brothers until 2008. Me and most of my colleagues lost job during 2008, and since then couldn’t find job in finance sector for some period of time, I was desperate in that period since I was sending hundreds of job applications and resumes to financial sector companies (banks, investment funds, etc…).

At the end of 2008 I read some article about automated trading with software (FOREX MEGA DROID). Article looked interesting.
Since I knew methodology of Forex trading and basic laws that apply. I invested first 500$, after week I earned 100$. Maybe it is not some big money, but I taught If I invest 2000$ (all my savings) it will be 400$ per week. So I invested, and miracle happened, I earned 800$ first weak.
I was so happy because of this investment and decided not to windrow money for some period.
So I found myself job in pizza restaurant because I needed money.
At beginning earnings didn’t followed rule, some weeks I earned only 100$ and some weeks I earned 400$. All in all, I always had positive income. At the end of first year I had 8,975.00$. After second year I quit job in pizza restaurant. In that time I had 46,357.00$ on my account. Today my account has value around 17,345,621,00$, and on average week I earn around 25.000$.
All that money come to me without any effort. Just weakly checking my droid.
Since I was so successful I am willing to help anyone who is interested in investing money on Forex market and buying himself droid. If you have any question write me.

In July 2015 Gandolfo Beneventi ex colleague from brokerage house joined me on this blog and as business adviser since we started small business school for Forex and Stock investing. Gandolfo is more in analyze and teching I am in money management sector and our plan is to expand our business for two more teachers.