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Traditional Stocks VS. Forex – Which One Is Right For You?

forex vs stocks

The investor today has access to a growing number of trading and investment instruments.  These range from the traditional industrials and blue-chips to the fast-paced forex and futures markets. It can be complex and complicated to decide which of these is best for your investing taste and there are many factors which you should consider.


The Coming Mess With Venezuela’s Debt

Venezuela debt

Many people consider sovereign debt to be as much about debt as it is about politics. The sovereign entity has obligations to people that live there, and some of these obligations will end up being more compelling than the obligations from a loan agreement or from a bond indenture. This means that the analogy to personal bankruptcy or even corporate bankruptcy will only get people so far.


Should You Invest In USD in 2016 Or Not

Should You Invest In USD in 2016 Or Not

2015 was an excellent year for the U.S. dollar.  However, with just 5 trading days remaining, many investors wonder if will still be a smart trade in 2016 to be long on dollars.  The month of December has been difficult, with dollar bulls struggling to stay in control.  Interest rates have been raised for the very first time by the Federal Reserve since June 2006.  However, instead of the dollar appreciating, it erased most of its gains from November.  Many investors are now wondering if the dollar can’t be lifted by hawkish forward guidance and a rate hike, whether or not it is a foolish idea to purchase greenbacks in 2016.


Understanding Stock Trading Signals By

Is there something like Holy Grail of trading? Some kind of magic” procedures and strategies that would be 100% efficient, and that would allow you to avoid all mistakes and earn every time? We think you already know the answer. Of course no. Nobody can understand all aspects of the global market, simply because it is too complex and unpredictable. This is the reason why trading is one of the riskiest jobs you can imagine.

However, there are certain “impulses” you can use for making your trading decisions safer, more accurate and more profitable after all. These “impulses” can be described as signs that global market (or local one) sends in a real time, giving us opportunity to predict certain movements and make better moves. If we are talking about the stock market, then we can call them stock trading signals. And yes, stock trading signals can be “X factor” that can make a difference between successful and poor traders.


China’s Currency Woes

China's Currency Woes

China has been making a protracted effort to liberalize both its currency and its capital account in the past few years. Now that the renminbi (RMB) is dropping, foreign reserves are running out, and capital outflow is picking up, it’s not certain that this reform policy can continue. Is China going to forge ahead or enter a more conservative cycle and wait for the markets to calm down? In our opinion, either possibility would have both good and bad points.


Turmoil in 2016

First trading week as Tsunami hit first Asian market in afternoon came to Europe and at the end of day struck US market. Many analyst predicting new economic crisis wave which could be much higher of those in 2008. But what is really happening? China is reaching its potential, it will still grow but on smaller rates. Economy theorist at beginning of 20 century  explained this: Every economy goes through several phases : Introduction, Growth, Maturity,


You Can Depend On Forex Trading For Making Money

forex risk

Foreign currency trading is widely regarded as the biggest trading market in the world. There is no other trading market that is open to traders all over the world for 24 hours a day. There are hundreds of different currencies all around the world and almost all of these currencies are available for trading in the foreign exchange trading market.

There are a number of well known billionaire forex traders. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say


Are Forex Droids A Scam Or An Aid

forex mega droid scam or thrue

For a lot of people when they start to work in the Forex market, they begin to wonder if the droids that are shown and advertised a lot actually work or if they are a scam. With that being said, people need to make sure they read this article because they will see these droids are not a scam, instead they are actually going to help people in making money. Without this, people could easily miss out on a fortune because they missed some of the trades that they could have been making. Forex Droids A Scam Or An Aid

Automated trades is going to be one of the main things that people are going to enjoy when they are using these. While a lot of times people will not like this aspect, they need to realize the financial markets are not going to be turned off at night. Since this is the case, people could easily miss a trade because of them sleeping. With the droids, people will be able to take advantage of these trades because it will allow them to make the trade they want to, even if they are sleeping in the middle of the night.

Markers are going to be something else that people will enjoy when they are using the droids. While a lot of people will have to do some research to make sure they know about the markers they need to know about the way to set them up. This way people are going to have a more complete control over the work they are doing and the trades that are going to be made. This way people can have the machine make the trades they need to, but also avoid making any of the trades that are commonly made by people that cost them money.

When people are working in the Forex market, they need to realize it can be quiet a challenge to make money. This is when some people will notice they can start to use the droids that are present to help them in making money. By knowing about these droids and knowing that they are not a scam it will be easy for people to see they are able to make quite a bit of money. Then people will not mind using these droids to help them in getting the income they need to have from the trading they are doing.