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China’s Currency Woes

China's Currency Woes

China has been making a protracted effort to liberalize both its currency and its capital account in the past few years. Now that the renminbi (RMB) is dropping, foreign reserves are running out, and capital outflow is picking up, it’s not certain that this reform policy can continue. Is China going to forge ahead or enter a more conservative cycle and wait for the markets to calm down? In our opinion, either possibility would have both good and bad points.


Here Is Why Technical Analysis Beats Fundamental Analysis

Tehnical vs Fundamental Analysis

As major stock markets crashed in late 2007 before starting a rally in the month of March 2009, a lot of people who had believed in fundamental analysis began to questions its validity.

Elliott wave expert and famed technical analyst Robert Prechter has for a long time called the bear market we are currently in. In his view, the 2009 rally was a bear-market rally and not the start of a