Turmoil in 2016

First trading week as Tsunami hit first Asian market in afternoon came to Europe and at the end of day struck US market. Many analyst predicting new economic crisis wave which could be much higher of those in 2008. But what is really happening? China is reaching its potential, it will still grow but on smaller rates. Economy theorist at beginning of 20 century  explained this: Every economy goes through several phases : Introduction, Growth, Maturity, (Decline-Renewal). china economy China  average per-capita grow last two decades was  9,56 and it is reaching its full potential. China urban workers with average 400$ salary don’t want to work in slaves conditions and become consumers. Many Asian and several European countries have smaller salaries. In this circumstances it is much cheaper to produce on half way to Europe and US and delivery of goods is faster. Also US economy marking record low unemployment rate in last decade no matter record strong USD. Which conclusion can be made from this: Investment area is changing toward US and Europe. What we can expect in money market and stock market in following year: Probably will happen market turmoil which will crash several over exposed investment funds and create new investment climate which will bring benefit to US and Europe Economy.  Developing countries may first feel impact off crisis since money in crisis moments retracts from them to safer harbors.  But when situation stabilize they attract new investments.

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